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Mode of action of our herbal essences

The analogy between humans and alchemical (plant) herbal essences is the main idea on which the mode of action of these essences is based.

When the human being and the herbal essence come into contact, a resonance is created which can trigger a strengthening, recovery or recovery process in the human being. Paracelsus called this process "the inner doctor" that had to be activated and supported.

The alchemical herbal essence contains a process that serves as orientation for the inner doctor. The effects are created by resonance between the inner doctor and herbal essence. The inner doctor recognizes the new health in the herbal essence and initiates appropriate healing reactions (transformations) in order to lead people to this new health.


In the alchemical-spagyric production of herbal essences, the focus is not on the individual substances of the plant, but on the plant as a whole. This means that it is less about the substances themselves than about the processes that change these substances or that the substances have gone through.

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