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How are our essences made?

The alchemical spagyric manufacturing process





1. Fermentation and Separation


The fresh or dried plant material is mechanically crushed. It is then mixed with water, sucrose and yeast and left to ferment with daily stirring (depending on the plant material, up to 12 weeks).

The fermentation breaks down and converts the plant substance, structure and form are dissolved. Alcohol is naturally produced, gently pulling the key principles out of the plant while the water absorbs the rest.

After completion of the fermentation, the mixture is separated into a solid and a liquid part (separation).


In our products, the resulting alcohol embodies the principle "MERKUR" (mind, thoughts and emotions), which represents life, vitality and spirit.



2. Distillation


The liquid part is gently distilled at low temperature. Distillation stops when alcohol reaches a certain percentage.

The solid part, i.e. plant residue, is combined with the residue from the distillation and fed to the calcination.


In our products, the essential oils contained in the distillate embody the "SULFUR" principle (soul, consciousness), which reflects individuality, the specific and the unmistakable.



3. Ashing (calcination)


The solid residue from fermentation and distillation is dried until all organic components have been broken down and a white ash remains. The plant residue undergoes a transformation in that the minerals of the plant are returned to the inorganic level, i.e. "alchemically transformed". The composition of this calcinate differs from plant to plant.


Calcination is a specialty of alchemy. In general, plant remains are not used in medicinal plants. Plant alchemy also unlocks this rest of the plant.


The mineral salts contained in our products stand for the principle "SAL" (body), which corresponds to the solid, the form, the tangible.



4. union (conjugation)


The last step is the alchemical union, also known as the "chymic marriage". The three alchemical principles released from the plant during fermentation, distillation and calcination are present in the distillate and calcinate. These are now combined and filtered. The resulting filtrate is our herbal essence.


The old structure of the plant has been irretrievably destroyed, but its core principles have been transformed. In the alchemical sense, the essence is a further developed plant, which is contained in our herbal essences.

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