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You feel emotionally tense and mentally exhausted; You are without motivation and drive, feel Änguests and self-doubt?


The spagyric herbal essences and accompanying mental exercises from "The Alchemist's Way" offer you a holistic therapeutic approach for body, mind and soul.


Actively win back YOUR zest for lifeto confidently pursue YOUR goals and live YOUR visions.


from The Alchemist`s Way


The Alchemist's Way is a journey into the world of herbal alchemy.

Traditional knowledge is combined with modern working methods in the production of spagyric/alchemical herbal essences.

This product range reflects the European tradition of spagyric herbal preparations and their holistic approach on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The focus is on the healing art of Paracelsus, one of the most important personalities in the field of traditional folk medicine in Europe. Because his traditional knowledge is more up-to-date than ever.

Join us and be inspired by traditional herbal alchemy.

Our concept 

What distinguishes our products?




The combination of herbal essences are geared towards specific mental/spiritual transformation goals.

The unique manufacturing process guarantees a wealth of herbal ingredients to address the body, soul and spirit at the same time.

By means of accompanying, mental exercises, old and obstructive habits should be discarded and positive habits strengthened.

The herbal essences are exclusively produced locally - Made in Austria.

The herbs come from wild collections.

The essences are manufactured in accordance with the quality regulations for medicinal products.

All products are vegan.

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