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mental exercises


based on the

seven hermetic principles

for your everyday life

The seven hermetic principles are of great importance for the holistic approach conveyed by the alchemical tradition. The emergence of these laws or principles is suspected as early as the time of ancient Egypt.

Today, these laws of nature are highly topical again and in many approaches form the basis of mental training and personal coaching. The focus is on the power of thought. You consciously pay attention to your thoughts, learn to control your thinking in order to improve emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. You determine your life through your inner state of mind.

1. The principle of mind

Your own thoughts create the image you have of yourself and those around you. If you want to change your life, start with your thoughts. They create your world of experience. If we want to change, then we have to think differently, because otherwise everything stays the same.

Our personality is made up of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. If we want to create a new reality now, we must first think about what we are thinking and then gradually change this thinking. New thoughts lead to new decisions, which lead to new behaviors, which in turn generate new experiences, new emotions and feelings. We think differently. This is called personal development.

In order to change your personality, you need to look at your negative thoughts, which you have internalized over the years and which have become a part of your identity.


In the evening, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you aware of what you're thinking all day?

Which thoughts evoke which emotions in you?

Are these thoughts and the resulting habits useful to you?

Keep a journal about it.

2. The principle of resonance (attraction)

The principle of resonance is also known as the principle of attraction. Everything we send out comes back to us. When your thoughts are aligned with Principle 1, the outside world will change of its own accord. You will find like-minded people and you will attract the things you  want. Like attracts and is reinforced by like. Unequal repels each other.

stay alert Live within yourself what you wish for on the outside.


Start the day with a positive thought.

Don't join in the gossip about upsetting events today.

Send positive signals to your counterpart with a cheerful "Hello" or a smile.

Try to keep this positive mood throughout the day.

In the evening write down what was different today? Better? Worse? What did I experience today?

3. The principle of vibration

Man consists of 99.99% vibrations and 0.01% matter. Frequency is a property of vibration. Imagine your thoughts as a vibration.

What you think affects the frequency of that vibration. And with it, what resonance your vibration will trigger in others. So control your thoughts and your own mental vibrations and therefore the frequency.


"If you want to fathom the secrets of the universe, then think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." (Nikola Tesla)



Feelings like joy, love or gratitude raise the vibration. Negative feelings pull them down. Be aware of your feelings. Identify three main positive feelings. Make these three feelings your compass. This is how you want to feel! Every decision you make over the next few days/weeks should bring you closer to your chosen feelings. So you will make some decisions from your heart instead of your head.

4. The principle of polarity

Are you aware that "good and evil" do not exist. What matters is the perspective from which you look at your life. There is no ONE truth.


"There is nothing that is good or bad in itself - only thinking makes it so!"

(William Shakespeare)


Change your perspective to see situations or behavior in a different context. Give the situation a new framework that could be useful and helpful or that defuse the situation in order to be able to react to it differently than usual. The meaning of the event is changed. And with that, your reaction and behavior changes.


Practice "Refraiming", a method that takes advantage of the effect of reframing. 

Example: If a person (boss, employee) snaps at you unfairly and unfriendly from the side in the morning and this behavior creates unpleasant emotions in you such as anger, anger or stress, then set this behavior in a different context! Say to yourself, "He must have had a bad night's sleep today." Or. "He must have had trouble with his wife."

You will see how this reinterpretation creates a more positive attitude and more satisfaction in you. "Refraiming" is not intended to beautify anything , but rather to reactivate the brain areas blocked by negative emotions. You can find a healthy middle ground.

5. The principle of rhythm

In everyday life, this principle means that everything you experience is temporary. It doesn't matter if you're happy or sad right now. It won't last. So appreciate the beautiful moments in life and, in times of crisis, realize that they will pass.

Be confident that after the low there will be a high.

Emotions are records of the past and if you get stuck in the emotions then you get stuck in the box of the past.

In this context, gratitude plays an important role.


Keep a small diary in which you write down every evening what you were thankful for that day.

How does gratitude make you feel? Stay in that feeling for a while.

6. The principle of cause and effect

Every action is followed by a reaction. Everything we do affects others. Be aware of this for your own actions and be careful with what you send out into the world.

If there is an effect in your life that you are dissatisfied with, you can trace back to what caused it. So you know what you have to change to get the desired effect.

Take responsibility for your life and sow exactly what you want to reap.

Everything we do affects others and vice versa.


Every morning, shortly after waking up, imagine in detail what you want your best version of yourself to look like today: How are you going to talk? how will you feel How will you react to others? When you consciously live this best version of you as many times a day as possible, you raise your positive vibration, find balance, reduce stress, and increase your productivity.

7. The principle of sex

This principle does not refer to sexuality or physical gender, but to the archetypal characteristics of gender. The masculine traits stand for intellect, focus, control, doing, goal-oriented and the feminine traits for intuition, receiving, process-oriented, creativity, trust. Like the ying-yang symbol, we need both to unleash our creative power. Be balanced, be balanced.


Find out which female and which male parts make up your personality!

acknowledge these. Only together do they form a unit. Don't judge and judge. Also acknowledge a counter-opinion.

Seem to you the tasks too difficult and too big,because you're not feeling strong right now

feel enough, start with very small steps: For example, make each of the

to start the next few days with a positive thought. This alone

small rethinking will have an effect!

The path to change is through repetition.

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